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NASVHILLE -- Chris Simms will work as Kerry Collins' backup today at practice. To make room for him, the Titans cut tight end Dwayne Blakley.

GM Mike Reinfeldt was complimentary of Simms in a news release.

"Chris has been a starter in the league and should fit into our system well," Reinfeldt said. "He is a smart player, who is a student of the game and has the presence in the huddle that you look for in quarterback."

A day after passing on promoting Ingle Martin and watching him sign with Kansas City, the Titans replaced him on the practice squad with Preston Parsons, who offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger knows from Denver last year.

Another thing Simms brings to Nashville is an understanding of Vince Young. Young redshirted Simms' senior year at Texas.

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Good morning, AFC South. Light work this morning for the Texans here in Houston, then they're off until they report to the team hotel Friday night to get in the right frame of mind for Saturday's preseason opener against Denver at Reliant Stadium.

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 Titans tight end Alge Crumpler is "very pleased" with his new team's progress so far.

Alge Crumpler has looked great at Titans camp and is going to be a huge factor in Mike Heimerdinger's offense.

I spent a couple minutes with Crumpler earlier this week for this mini-Q&A:

What are your impressions of this team after almost two weeks?

Alge Crumpler: I'm very pleased with the way the team works and very pleased with our progress.

What's the biggest question you still have about being here?

AC: Playing from a home perspective at LP [Field]. I've been there as a road team, but I'm anxious to get in there and feel the Nashville love.

You've talked a lot about securing home playoff games. Why is that such a big theme for you?

AC: One, I prefer to play at home, I love playing at home. And two, I think we owe it to our fans to play as many home playoff games as possible. That Monday night game against Indy will be close to a home playoff environment.

Who's an unknown on this team people should be aware of?

AC: Well, they've already done a big story on Stephen Tulloch. So I have to go down the list to my man Dwayne Blakley right here. He's just consistent. He's doing everything right. He's very coachable. And he's making plays when given the opportunity.

How closely are you watching things unfold in Atlanta?

AC: I'm not too in tune to everything that's going on. I do keep in contact with some of their players, like Lawyer Milloy I talked to a couple days ago, and Martrez Milner. But I'm not real in tune to it really. I'll pull for individuals, but as a team, no not really.