RTC: Colts O-line something to worry about

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Will lower rookie salaries invite a competing league? An interesting angle I had not considered from Scott Bolander.

Houston Texans

Wade Phillips looks to build on his track record for quick turnarounds, says Craig Malveaux.

Brad Maynard is the new punter, Ty Warren is getting a look, Lawrence Vickers is in play and Brian Cushing is almost back from January knee surgery, says John McClain.

It’s odd seeing so many quality players on the sideline for practice at this point, says McClain.

Given DeMeco Ryans' situation, Stephanie Stradley considers how guys come back from Achilles injuries.

Andre Johnson put the sell on Johnathan Joseph at Fred Bennett’s wedding.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts' offensive line is something to worry about, says Bob Kravitz.

Curtis Painter is the No. 1 quarterback while Peyton Manning is out, writes Mike Chappell.

Reggie Wayne said he would not be in camp if his contract was an issue, writes Chappell.

Chappell’s reserving judgment on Jamaal Anderson.

Blair White is on the PUP list and we don’t know the injury, says Tom James.

With Charlie Johnson gone, the Colts have to sign a veteran tackle, says Stampede Blue.

Jacksonville Jaguars

So far Blaine Gabbert looks the part of a franchise quarterback, says Gene Frenette.

The defense is being paid handsomely, says Vito Stellino.

Marcedes Lewis isn’t looking for Antonio Gates money, says Tania Ganguli.

Aaron Kampman says free-agent acclimation varies player to player, writes John Oehser.

Keep defensive expectations reasonable, urges Shane Clemons.

Tennessee Titans

Will Barrett Ruud be an upgrade over Stephen Tulloch? John Glennon considers.

The Titans re-signed a significant trio in Ahmard Hall, Dave Ball and Jacob Ford, says Jim Wyatt.

Kenny Britt is still out, says Wyatt.

Matt Hasselbeck learned early from Brett Favre. David Boclair asks if Hasselbeck can now do the same for Jake Locker.