AFC South: Jeff Chadiha

Posted by's Paul Kuharsky

You write. I reply. A simple process. You may have to deal with my shortcomings here, but you won't get more personal service when it comes to mailbag replies. I try to reply to everything I get, either here, with an e-mail, or both.

Howitzer36 from Nashville writes: Whattup "Kuh?!" Just read your article about Madden NFL 10. Now I haven't bought a Madden game since the Eddie George cover, but when you say there was "nada" for running backs or defense from the AFC South are you saying AFC South teams are not worthy or you don't have that info yet? Hopefully it's the latter. Keep up the good work by the way!

Paul Kuharsky: I'm saying in the top-10 lists of their running backs and defenses they didn't include anyone from the division. They use some complex formula that gives a guy his skills in their game. AFC East gamesman (read: geek) Tim Graham told me he doesn't believe playing time factors in, so I'm confused as to how Maurice Jones-Drew, Chris Johnson and Steve Slaton aren't on there.

Nate in Indy writes: You know, it's really interesting the way this "lack of communication" thing is unfolding with Peyton Manning and the Colts. We all know he is (arguably) the best QB in the game right now. And sure, it may puzzle many to hear that he's been kept out of the loop on the whole Moore and Mudd retirement thing. But honestly, I can't imagine Tom Brady complaining openly about anything with Bill Belichik, and the reason is that Brady is a player, and Belichik is his boss, and can call the shots with or without Brady in the know (whether or not he would is a different question). Polian, Caldwell, and Manning better iron out exactly what Manning's role is in the organization. One would think that if Peyton really wanted to know, he could just speed dial Polian to ask. But then again, maybe Polian intentionally operates at a distance from even his best player.

Paul Kuharsky: Different strokes for different folks.

I think it's completely understandable that, when Manning felt like he wasn't getting as much accomplished in organized team activities (OTA) sessions because of the missing coaches and some new guys, he got frustrated. And I will never, ever hit a guy for being candid. I spend a good share of my life asking players and coaches to be forthright. I generally applaud them when they are.

Polian does not operate at a distance from Manning. The two talk regularly -- I've seen them huddled up in the locker room immediately after games, even. I think Polian explained the current situation pretty well in a recent radio appearance I linked to here.

Josh in Nashville writes: Any chance at all the Titans hire Rod Smith as assistant WR coach? His track record with Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal has been pretty good.

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