AFC South: Life minus football

The AFC South blog asked Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Marcedes Lewis what he would be doing if there was no football in his life.

Here’s his reply:

“Anything that would involve communication and public relations and would allow me to be able to work with people, that’s kind of my niche. I love working with kids, I love animals. For a while I wanted to be a veterinarian. My mom had me when she was 15 years old. Growing up in the hood and being out there with other kids and seeing how hard it was, I was always one of the ones who wanted to grow up and give back. I haven’t really narrowed it down because my call was football. So we’ll see.”
The AFC South blog asked Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Chris Palmer what he would be doing if there was no football in his life.

Here’s his reply:

“I’d be running a company. My father had several businesses -- a plumbing business, a refrigeration business. There were six boys. Each one of us was going to have a different company. I decided to go into coaching and my brothers are all retired now and I am still working and I am the oldest. They are all head coaches and I’m still an assistant coach.”
Each year that I’ve visited AFC South OTAs and minicamps in the late spring and early summer, I’ve had a survey question scribbled at the bottom of my list.

You helped me out with some suggestions this time around, and I settled on this:
If you had no football in your life, what would you be doing?

Members of the Jaguars, Texans, Colts and Titans provided a wide variety of answers to the question, some surprising, some serious, some funny.

Starting tomorrow, you’ll find entries with responses to the question from players and coaches scattered throughout the blog.

In what’s likely to be the slowest month of our NFL year, they’ll help us get to know some of the guys we follow so closely a little better.

So please stay tuned.