AFC South: Manti Te'o

Reading the coverage ...

Houston Texans

Gary Kubiak liked what he saw from Manti Te’o, says John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

To which I say: Let’s remember how little a combine interview can mean in terms of the likelihood a team will draft a guy.

The odds of the Texans drafting a quarterback in the first three rounds are not good, says Jerome Solomon of the Chronicle.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts plan a special thank you for Dwight Freeney, says Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star.

What really matters to a watchful eye at the NFL scouting combine, from Phillip B. Wilson of the Star.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars’ second-round pick, 33rd overall, will be coveted by a lot of teams on the second day of the draft, writes Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union.

A deal is reportedly in place for the 49ers to trade quarterback Alex Smith. But the Jaguars aren’t the team getting him, writes O’Halloran.

A look at the Leo position in a Gus Bradley defense, from O’Halloran.

Tennessee Titans

Chris Johnson’s combine record 40-yard dash survived a day of some blazing sprints, says Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean.

The Titans used one of their 60 formal combine visits on Te’o.

Video: Day 3 NFL combine takeaways

February, 23, 2013

Paul Kuharsky, Kevin Seifert and Bill Williamson deliver the top stories from day 3 of the 2013 NFL combine.

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Manti Te’o news conference will be regarded as the media highlight of this NFL scouting combine.

The overall review is that he handled himself well and helped defuse the fake dead girlfriend story more than he had previously.

From an AFC South point of view, I figure it’s inevitable that people will pick up on this: He mentioned the two teams he met with last night were Houston and Green Bay.

Houston certainly needs an inside linebacker, but Te’o has been a 4-3 middle linebacker, not a 3-4 inside linebacker. (Although ESPN's Bill Polian just told me he thinks Te'o could be a weakside inside guy in a 3-4, and maybe even a weakside outside guy.)

More importantly, let’s take this as our annual reminder about how insignificant meetings can be in terms of news value.

Te’o will meet with 18 more teams today for a total of 20 in his time at the scouting combine.

Some of those teams will use their 15 minutes to confirm that they like him. Some will be using the time to confirm that they aren’t interested.

It’s that way with every player.

Most teams have seven draft picks. That's what the Texans have, as of now. Even if they use a 15-minute interview on every guy they wind up drafting, they will have talked to 53 others they don’t draft.

Please, let’s avoid penciling in Te’o to the Texans at this point.