Agent: Colts cutting Sorgi

Colts fans who loved what they saw of Curtis Painter, take a deep breath…

The agent for Indianapolis reserve quarterback Jim Sorgi, who ended the season on IR, tweeted that Sorgi’s been told by the team he will be released today.

In an email exchange, Matt Brei said: "They have not said why yet, but want to meet with Jim on Monday. He did have a roster bonus due if he was on the roster on day five of the league year. His shoulder is doing well and he has been throwing for weeks now. He was actually healthy prior to the end of the season."

Sorgi was heading into the last year of his contract and his 2009 cap number was $1.35 million. (UPDATE: Phil Richards reports the bonus was $275,000 and Sorgi's 2010 salary was $1.08 million.)

It’s a widely held belief that the Colts would be doomed if Peyton Manning got hurt and missed any extensive time, and I certainly subscribe to that.

Manning’s going to get a new deal that will make him the highest paid player in the history of the league. Investing a lot in his backup doesn’t make a lot of sense.

But doing better than Painter or Drew Willy certainly does.

Playing in 15 games that have been decided or meant nothing, Sorgi has a career 89.9 passer rating. There are a lot of teams with bad backup situations that I’d think would give him a look as a cheap candidate to at least compete for the slot.