Mike Tomlin: J.J. Watt's experience gives chance for 'fireworks'

HOUSTON -- Each week when we talk to opponents on weekly conference calls, they rave about Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt.

Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin was no different, but he offered a thought as to where Watt is in his career and why that makes him so dangerous for opponents.

“He’s on top of his physical talents, he’s got enough experience now where his experience is really showing through," Tomlin said. "When a really talented player is at that stage of his career you have an opportunity for fireworks, player of the year type fireworks, and obviously that is the type of tape he’s putting out right now."

Watt appreciated the compliment when asked about it later.

"He’s a very good football coach, so obviously I appreciate any kind words he has to say, and those are very kind words," Watt said. "I respect him a lot and I respect their organization and everything that they’ve been able to do. Like I’ve kind of said all along -- I go out there and I try and be the best player I can be and put the best tape out there and work as hard as I can, and then let people say what they want. People who have been in the league a long time and people that have had success in this league are peoples’ opinions that I respect, so I’m very appreciative of that."