Bill O'Brien's QB will be 'the most consistent guy'

HOUSTON -- Following Tuesday's practice, Houston Texans coach Bill O'Brien maintained he doesn't think either Brian Hoyer or Ryan Mallett will win the quarterback competition this week during minicamp.

What he's looking for, though, is very clear.

"The most consistent guy," O'Brien said. "The guy that makes the most consistent, correct decisions, consistently completes the ball to the right guy, and gets us into the right play. The most consistent guy."

Tuesday marked the first practice of minicamp and during it the offense ran more smoothly with Hoyer running it than Mallett. Hoyer told me a few weeks ago that playing in it was like returning home -- Houston's offense is very similar to the offense he was part of in New England. And it has shown in the smoothness with which he's run it during practices. The plays move a little bit more smoothly and the pace of the drill is a little bit quicker with Hoyer running it.

Hoyer spent quite a bit of time in working with the first-team offense. O'Brien stressed the importance of not reading too much into who was practicing with whom.

"We mix and match those guys," O'Brien said. "We're looking at a lot of different guys at different positions. Today, you saw some younger players in there with Hoyer and Mallett. You saw some different offensive lines in there, just trying to look at the versatility of some of those guys. I wouldn't read too much into that. It's really all about, like I said a couple weeks ago, when the ball is snapped and the decisions that they’re making and how they’re communicating and things like that."