AFC South: Sahel Kazemi

A grand jury is slated to hear a former Nashville police officer explain why former Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair’s murder case should be reopened,’s Liz Merrill reports.

From her story:
Rob McKinney, a defense attorney in Nashville, said it's unusual for the grand jury to hold such a hearing.

"I don't want to say it's unheard of," McKinney said. "But it's extremely rare."

As an outsider looking in, I’m surprised this is happening and certainly curious what comes out of it.

Vincent Hill, the former Nashville police office who’s presenting the information Friday, was part of this Dateline NBC piece last August. When I saw it back then, I had some major questions about his credibility and qualifications and lined up with this Jim Wyatt review of the piece.

Hill's recently self-published "Playbook to a Murder," outlines holes in the official case and his belief that Sahel Kazemi, who was ruled to have killed McNair and then herself, was not the shooter.

Perhaps there are lingering questions as the July 4 anniversary of McNair’s slaying approaches. Is Hill the guy who can pose them and offer plausible alternative answers?

I’m anxious to see if this grand jury thinks so.
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WHITES CREEK, Tenn. -- Mt. Zion Baptist Church isn't far from Interstate 24, north of Nashville. The parking lot is lined with orange cones and guides in orange vests, all set up to handle the 5,000-plus people expected to come here to pay their final respects to Steve McNair.'s Paul Kuharsky
  Mourners wait to enter Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Whites Creek, Tenn. to pay their respects.
The hearse bearing his coffin arrived about 3:30 this afternoon, an hour before the visitation was set to begin. Traffic was stopped briefly on the highway. It won't likely be the last time based on the flow of cars.

An hour after the funeral procession arrived, a thick line of fans snaked from the door up a steep driveway.

Visitors are black and white, young and old, dressed in suits and shorts sleeves, scrubs and shorts, and No. 9 jerseys of every variety: Titans home and away, Ravens black, Oilers blue.

The procession past McNair's closed, silver-colored casket -- covered with white lilies, flanked by large pictures of McNair in a suit, one with him holding a football, the other with the 2003 NFL MVP trophy in hand -- is moving briskly, with no pauses or stops. It will last for nearly three hours.

Dorsey Hamby, 52, had met McNair several times and once signed an autograph for her: "To Dorsey, my greatest fan ever."

"He treated us like we were his best friend," she said, keeping her composure as she headed for the line. As she walked out of the sanctuary, she was dabbing at her tears. "I always thought it'd be me, not him, that maybe they could get him to come to mine."

Members of Omega Psi Phi, McNair's fraternity from Alcorn State, sweated through dark suits as they approached the church and added white gloves as they stood beside the casket.'s Paul Kuharsky
  Tyron Eason, left, and Namon Anderson are members of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. The fraternity will pay tribute to McNair, also a brother, with a ceremony Thursday night.

The fraternity will conduct a memorial service for a half hour before the church's memorial begins.

"We have a ritual we abide by when a brother has fallen," said Namon Anderson, 33, an educator who lives in Murfreesboro, Tenn. "We send him to the celestial chapter."

Wreaths and pictures of McNair lined the lobby, along with a giant collage.

McNair's wife, Mechelle, is expected to attend the memorial service. His mother, Lucille, is not. A second memorial is scheduled for Saturday on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi before his burial.

Titans coach Jeff Fisher and Derrick Mason, who caught McNair's passes as a Titan and a Raven, are among those scheduled to speak here. Eddie George, Frank Wycheck and Vince Young are to be among the pallbearers.

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Some points of interest from the news conference just held by Nashville police in the Steve McNair case, which has now been ruled a murder-suicide by Sahel Kazemi. The news was delivered by police Chief Ronal Serpas:

  • Kazemi had sent messages in the past five to seven days that things were going badly for her and that she "was thinking about ending it."
  • Police said Kazemi thought McNair was in another extramarital relationship, that she had observed the second woman leaving McNair's downtown condo and tried to follow her to identify her. Officials do not believe the two had any encounter or confrontation.
  • Police believe that McNair was asleep when he was shot and that Kazemi then positioned herself to fall on his lap when she shot herself. They believe she did land on his lap, but ultimately slipped to the ground at his feet. There was no note.
  • The caliber of the semi-automatic pistol had not previously been disclosed. It was a 9 mm gun, and ballistic tests showed it fired the four shots at McNair and the one to Kazemi's head. She bought the gun for $100 from someone she knew in the parking lot of Opry Mills, the mall where she worked at Dave & Buster's.
  • Although the 44-minute delay between Wayne Neely's discovery of the bodies and a 911 call was a concern to police, Serpas said such a delay is not uncommon because such a discovery can leave people dazed and blur their sense of time. Police are confident nothing in the room was moved or staged, with the exception of one shell casing Neely moved because he was nervous, scared and didn't know what to do. That has been fully accounted for, Serpas said.
  • There are still ongoing elements of the investigation, including examination of some video from the area around the crime scene, plus a toxicology report that could take several more weeks. None of those unclosed elements would have a bearing on the murder-suicide conclusion, Serpas said.

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Metro Nashville police spokesman Don Aaron just told local press that the semiautomatic pistol that killed Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi was purchased by Kazemi on Thursday from a private individual.

Still, police await results of ballistic and gunshot residue testing and Aaron said a classification of Kazemi's death will not be made before those tests are completed.

McNair's death Saturday has been classified as a homicide. He was shot twice in the chest and twice in the head. Kazemi was shot once in the head, and the gun was found under her body.

Police have also said McNair, who was married, and Kazemi were in a "dating relationship" for several months and that she drove a Cadillac Escalade that had a title in both of their names.

The Tennessean's Kate Howard reports that three of McNair's four wounds resulted from gunshots from more than three feet away and that the gun was touching Kazemi's head when it was fired.

Earlier Monday afternoon, Titans coach Jeff Fisher spoke publicly for the first time since returning from a trip to the Middle East to visit with troops.

At Titans headquarters, Fisher and two former teammates of McNair's, Eddie George and Brad Hopkins, urged fans and observers to set aside the circumstances of McNair's death and resist the temptation to judge him.

Find the story I did on that right here.