AFC South: Sport Science

After reading Annabel Stephan's piece, I quickly set my DVR to make sure I'll be in position to watch, and potentially rewatch: It's a quarterback combine put together by the folks at Sports Science.

I eat this stuff up and suspect you do too. The show in question is on ESPN at 7 p.m. ET Thursday.

The link provides a nice explanation of how they measured certain elements of quarterbacking, and gives us some highlights for a couple guys we could see land in Tennessee or Jacksonville: Arkansas' Ryan Mallett, Nevada's Colin Kaepernick and Florida State's Christian Ponder.

OK, I don't see Mallett in Jacksonville either.
I love Sport Science, and this clip looking at the details of Dwight Freeney's spin move is really cool stuff.

They calculate that his spin is faster than a figure skater doing a double axel and that a free hit on the quarterback with a 7-yard lead-up produces 2,800 pounds of force -- the same as simultaneous punches by Mike Tyson AND George Foreman in their primes.

I watched it twice.