AFC South: tickets

Divisional ticket sales update

August, 30, 2011
It’s been a while since I jumped around to check on ticket sales, so here’s a quick update:

Jacksonville Jaguars

An opening day blackout for the game against the Titans is basically a certainty, and it’s not looking real good for the rest of the home schedule either. Just under 11,000 tickets remain for the Sept. 11 game.

Tennessee Titans

Fewer than 1,000 seats remain for the opener, Sept. 18 against the Ravens. The Oct. 30 Colts' game is almost down to scattered singles. The remaining games range from approximately 1,000 to 1,700 tickets remaining.

Houston Texans

The season tickets count is right around 64,000 and as of Monday evening the team had less than 80 scattered single seats for the Sept. 11 game against the Colts. No single seats are left for Oct. 2 against the Steelers. But there are still season ticket packages available and scattered single-game seats remain available for the six other home dates.

Indianapolis Colts

Waiting on a fresh update which I will plug in here if it arrives. But in our last ticket post on Aug. 9, the team had only scattered single seats available for regular season home games.

Checking in on ticket sales

August, 9, 2011
It’s not a cause for panic, but it’s sure an interesting development. The Titans set aside 2,500 or more tickets per game for single-game sales.

Every year since they took on the new name and moved into the new stadium those tickets have been snatched up in hours.

Monday, they were not.

The team came into Tuesday with 1,200 tickets remaining for the Indianapolis game and between 1,200 and 2,000 tickets remaining for the others.

“We were cautiously optimistic that we might have the chance of selling out games the first day,” Don MacLachlan, the team’s top non-football executive told John Glennon. “But with the unique offseason, for lack of a better word, that we had -- the economy, the price of gas, etc., and from talking to a number of fans myself personally … we knew it would take a little more than just a normal year to sell out (right away).”

Being able to presume you’ll sell out and having some work left to do are two different things. The Titans have a new coaching staff, new quarterbacks and new, lower, expectations outside team headquarters.

Sponsorships mean the preseason games are guaranteed to be televised and odds are the remaining regular-season tickets sell now that people who never expected they’d be available know they are available.

The sellout streak is unlikely to end. The selling out on the first-day streak is dead.

Preseason blackouts following the lockout are highly unlikely. Vito Stellino spells out the specifics for Jacksonville.

A look at the ticket status for the other three teams of the AFC South:
Colts -- Single game tickets available for both preseason games. Regular-season games are down to scattered single seats.

Jaguars -- Single-game tickets go on sale Sept. 2. They have just under 15,000 total tickets per game to sell and hope to move many in-season ticket packages and group sales.

Texans -- Single-game tickets went on sale on Friday and have moved slowly. The season ticket total is expected to be south of 64,000. Capacity is 71,054, but there are other things that whittle away the difference beside single-game sales -- suite sales, comp tickets, player tickets, sponsors, partners, etc.