Report: New coach leaves Oakland for college gig

Apparently, Clancy Pendergast will not be staying in the AFC West.


PendergastBut, he will be staying in the Bay Area.

The National Football Post is reporting that Pendergast is ending his short stint with Oakland to become the defensive coordinator at the nearby University of California. Pendergast was hired less than two weeks ago to work with Oakland’s secondary.

It has been a whirlwind month for Pendergast. First, he was replaced by Romeo Crennel as Kansas City’s defensive coordinator in January. At the time, Kansas City coach Todd Haley said that Pendergast could stay on the staff, but later the team decided to let him go.

His decision to go to Cal clearly shows Pendergast feels it’s more important for his career to remain a defensive coordinator than to stay in the NFL.

Now, Oakland has to scramble to adjust its staff. Pendergast was replacing Willie Brown, who retired. Lionel Washington also coaches the secondary. Oakland can either hire someone to replace Pendergast or simply let Washington handle all of the secondary responsibilities.