Seattle has fewer chips to pursue Marshall



Seattle's trade for San Diego third-string quarterback Charlie Whitehurst could affect its pursuit of Denver receiver Brandon Marshall.

Seattle swapped second-round picks and gave San Diego a third-round pick next year for Whitehurst, who has never thrown an NFL pass. San Diego now has the No. 40 pick overall and Seattle has the 60th pick.

Seattle visited with Marshall, a Pro Bowl restricted free agent, on the first weekend of free agency. Denver gave Marshall a first-round tender. It wants a first-round pick back. Seattle has the No. 6 and No. 14 overall picks and it have been reluctant to surrender either choice.

If Denver were to come off its need for a first-round pick, Seattle has less bargaining power now. Trading No. 40 would have been much easier than No. 60. There are still ways for Seattle to get creative if Denver were to play ball, but a Marshall-to-Seattle deal has just gotten a little more difficult.