AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Weekend mail call:

Doug from Billings: Now with Ryan Torain suffering a second injury in his fledgling career, and having notable injuries in College, do you think that Torain's "Durability" will be in question for next season, or does he need another injury to make coaches question that?
BW: I think it would be difficult not to, whether it's fair or not. Often, reality is not fair. He made it through less than two weeks of training camp before he broke his elbow and then he made it through 15 NFL carries before blowing out his knee. But I don't think it is a durability issue. Let's go with bad luck. Denver will certainly have to try to add another running back in the offseason, but you saw how good Torain looked before he was injured against Cleveland. He'll get a chance to show he can stay healthy next season.

Floyd from Oklahoma City: I am a die-hard KC Chiefs. You would have to be to admit it now. The QB class this year is weak at best. Do you think the Chiefs could take a shot at trading for Derek Anderson? He is a proven starter and is quite effective when his recievers are catching the ball. I also think he would be quicker fix rather than waiting for someone to develop
BW: It's funny. A month ago it was all about Brady Quinn now it's all about the guy Quinn just replaced in Cleveland. Floyd, I think Tyler Thigpen gets a long look the rest of this season. If he plays well, then he could be the quarterback of the future. If not, Anderson could become a viable option, sure.

Eric from Omaha: Will Carl Peterson choke on his pride and let Brodie Croyle and Damon Huard go at seasons end? Will they Draft a QB or Make a move in the off-season? And will Tony Gonzalez or LJ still be Chiefs next season?
BW: Croyle could be brought back as a backup option. Huard is probably gone because of age. I think both Gonzalez and Johnson will not be back. Gonzalez has already tried to leave once and Johnson's bridge could be burned.

Chico, CA: Bill, this Vick topic has me going crazy. I've been a raider fan my whole life, can't even immagine for one second rooting for another team. But as an animal lover and a down right fed up Raider fan, if Vick comes to oakland, all of my Raider stuff goes to the thrift store and I wash my hands of them. (except for my Marcus Allen and Bo Jackson Jerzeys oh and i'm keeping my Gannon one too, Respect) Can this franchise really afford to be entertaining the same old problematic players? And could you see a complete overhall of this once storied franchise (image and everything) when we finaly get a new owner ( assuming someone would even buy the Raiders from Davis on his way out)?
BW: Don't get fired up too much about the Vick thing. It was just a story in which some of his former Falcons teammates who are in Oakland saying they'd like to play with him again. And one of those guys was DeAngelo Hall. He's not in Oakland anymore. So don't fret.

Vinay from Chapel Hill: Bill, Great column. One thing that really upsets me sometimes is the lack of respect Philip Rivers gets in the league. He is in the top 5 of all QB categories and people are still talking about Jay Cutler or Drew Brees. Your argument is that Cutler ranks higher because Denver has a better record, but look at Brees and NFC south. Why is no one talking about Rivers?
BW: Thanks for the kind words, Vinay. I think Rivers gets pretty of pub. A few weeks ago, I argued that he was the league MVP. He is a good player who is getting better and he is the leader of his team. I'm a big Rivers fan.