Chargers made right move by shunning Porter

The San Diego Chargers did not warm to Joey Porter's advances this offseason and I’m sure the team is thrilled it didn’t pursue the linebacker.

Porter was arrested near his Bakersfield, Calif., home Saturday on suspicion of drunken driving. Porter refused to provide his driver's license and began to roll up his window when asked to leave the car. Police say that when an officer reached to unlock the door Porter slapped the officer's hand.

Porter recently signed a $17.5 million deal with Arizona. Below he was even cut by Miami this offseason, Porter said he was interested in playing for San Diego along with the Cardinals and San Francisco. He wanted to play for a 3-4 defensive team located near his home.

However, San Diego never made a move on Porter. San Diego has been reluctant to add veterans who are known for being brash like Porter.

Porter’s legal issues have to be cause for Arizona to have some buyer’s remorse. Credit goes to San Diego for avoiding this headache.