Merriman: The ring will wait

There have been talk that San Diego linebacker Shawne Merriman was ready to embark on a pro wrestling career. It was fueled by Merriman’s friend, former wrestling star Goldberg, who said it was possible he and Merriman would become part of a wrestling team.

Merriman has come out to stop all the wrestling madness. He admitted on a San Diego radio show that a foray into the pro wrestling ring is possible, but he will be playing football this year.

“I’m preparing myself for a 110 percent hell of a season, football season that is,” Merriman said. "All that stuff is talk. I’m a huge, huge wrestling fan, I’ve always been, and I’ve had a few talks with Vince McMahon before and it’s a possibility. It’s just talks really. That’s all it’s been.”

There has long been talk that Merriman’s interests outside of football have made members of the Chargers’ brass uncomfortable. This development likely won’t provide any more comfort.

I’ve dealt with Merriman enough to know he is a football junkie, who loves playing the game. Sure, he has other interests. But playing the game on Sundays in the fall is at the top of Merriman’s list.