Report: McNabb would have refused Oakland

It seems Donovan McNabb was serious about not becoming an Oakland Raider.

Yahoo! Sports is reporting that McNabb would have retired if he had been traded to Oakland. Instead, McNabb will continue his playing career now that he has been sent from Philadelphia to Washington.

I know McNabb was reluctant to go to Oakland. I recently talked to someone in his camp who expressed that sentiment. However, I doubt McNabb would have retired instead of playing for Oakland.

Really, that type of talk is cheap. And it is also a tad unfair to the Raiders. Sure, times have been tough in Oakland and it is not the first place players want to go to these days, but to retire?

Come on. Like Richard Seymour did last year, McNabb likely would have taken some time to digest the move and then committed himself to play for the Raiders. Retiring at the age of 33 instead of playing for Oakland would have defined an incomplete legacy for McNabb.

Perhaps it was just a threat, but had he been traded to Oakland, McNabb ultimately would have embraced the opportunity.