You pick it responses

The winner of this week’s AFC West “you pick it” feature is the Kansas City Chiefs bringing in top prospects Russell Okung and Eric Berry for pre-draft visits.

The other candidates were Donovan McNabb being traded from Philadelphia to Washington after being pursued by Oakland, and the Raiders' interest in Washington quarterback Jason Campbell.

I think the McNabb story line was the most important. Now, the Raiders have to move on in their search for a quarterback. But this is your feature, so the Kansas City story line is the winner. Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Tom from Kansas City: Okung and Berry visiting the Chiefs is the big story. The Chiefs are going to get better either way,

Aaron from Syracuse: Well, McNabb to Oakland was just a rumor. Campbell to Oakland is just a rumor. Okung and Berry both actually talked with the Chiefs, so I'd make that the top story. Especially now that Okung is on Washington's radar and Berry still on the Bucs' short list, could the Chiefs lose out on both of these players?

Parker from Spokane: Bill, Story of the week has got to be the Jason Campbell possibility in Oakland. Yes, not landing McNabb is the big media hit but it really doesn't affect the division and who knows how interested the Raiders really were at that price (a 2nd and a 3/4th). Also, of course the Chiefs are looking at their options for their #5 pick, as I am sure they have been for weeks/months. But both of these fall short of the legitimate possibility that Jason Campbell could be the starting QB for the Raiders this season. There are only going to be a few teams interested in him (Bills, Raiders and Jags come to mind) so the asking price should be low. Also, he is a great fit for Al Davis' offense with his strong arm and the fact that he is very careful with the ball.

Hank from St. Louis: The two college kids visiting Kansas City is the story of the week. These are two very talented players and the Chiefs should be excited about both of them.

Tony from Denver: I like Okung and Berry. I like that my Chiefs are looking at them. That’s the big news of the week.