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April, 15, 2010
The Raider Nation had many ideas for our sound-off question this week.

We wanted to know who Oakland Raiders fans want to be their team’s quarterback in 2010. Here were their options: Trade for Washington Redskins' backupJason Campbell, play JaMarcus Russell, play Bruce Gradkowski, draft a rookie like Jimmy Clausen or Tim Tebow, or an option of their choice.

Few fans wanted to see Russell with the ball, but many of them wanted the Raiders to stick with Gradkowski or trade for Campbell. I think those are the two best options. If Campbell can be had cheaply, he may be worth considering. If not, Gradkowski could be the quick fix while Oakland seeks a long-term solution.

Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Salo from San Jose, Calif.: I think the Raiders should go with Grad. He is a fiery, hard working guy. He brought life to a dead, frustrated team. Trade 2nd rounder for Baltimore LT Gaither and use 1st round pick on either DT Dan Williams or ILB Rolando McCain. All the talk about the Raiders looking at QB's has never been confirmed and only been speculation by the so-called experts .

Sam from Henderson, Nevada: The Raiders should focus in on Bruce Gradkowski to be the quarterback, at least for the upcoming year. I was really impressed with his mobility out of the pocket and being able to throw on the run...and with deficiency at O-line, they will need a QB that can do just that. They should look to get a solid back up quarterback, maybe in the later rounds of the draft...perhaps a Tim Tebow in the second or third round that would be thrown into the mix right away if things go south for Bruce...what do we have to lose? Oh, I almost forgot...dump Jamarcus (release him outright if possible), another minute trying to work him would be a waste where we can spend that time on other personnel issues. Keep it simple Raiders!

Sean Anderson from Santa Cruz, Calif.: The Raiders need to consider Troy Smith. At the low cost of a fifth-round pick, he would add some competition to the mix, and it would give Smith a viable chance to land a starting job in the NFL. Smith was the choice for Baltimore before getting ill, which then he was replaced by Joe Flacco who went on to become the franchise QB. He obviously has tremendous talent and has never been given a chance to show it. Also, new Raiders OC Hue Jackson has worked with Smith, so they would not be starting from square one. The reason I am hesitant towards obtaining Campbell is he would likely come at the cost a second or third round pick, and Oakland needs to hold on to its early picks in order to develop it's offensive and defensive lines more. However, I must say there should be an OPEN competition, and I would not be surprised even if the Raiders made a trade, Bruce Gradkowski could still win the job. He played well in his three games and shows great energy. The man wants to be a Raider and lead this team.

Joey from Fremont, Calif.: We need tim tebow in rd 2. watch jon grudens qb camp tebow will do whatever it takes to win great for the locker room we need winners. ..........And i bet we wont find tebow at the craps table every chance he gets , then we can draft dan williams in rd 1.

Abdullah from San Diego: I think the Raiders should push hard for Jason Campbell. With an arguably worse line in Washington and a high amount of sacks, he didn't miss a start while having a solid completion percentage and low turnover rate last season. This will give Oakland a lot of wiggle room with Russell who's high on raw talent and low on, well, everything else. Rusell won't have many options but Oakland when his contract is up or if the Raiders ask him to restructure so this move can allow Oakland to turn him into a back up. With Campbell locked up, this would give Russell 3 to 4 years to mature. Best case scenario, Russell lives up to his potential while Campbell fills a need. Worst case scenario, Russell doesn't live up to his hype but they still have a solid starting QB.

Sam Mancuso from Erie, Pa.: If I had the reigns to my favorite team The Oakland Raiders, I would draft Clausen at #8 trade our secound round pick to the Ravens for Gathier, and then draft defense the rest of the way. The Raiders should select Jimmy Clausen, Let Gradkowski start, and cut Russell. That would instantly upgrade the QB position, but the reality is Al Davis will reach on Bruce Cambell and hand they keys to the offense to Russell, yet again. Hello 4-12. Bill when will this misery end?

Brian from Cleveland: Bill, here's what needs to be done in Oakland. Let Grad's be the man behind center next year with Frye backing him up. Draft a mid-round QB this year. Then you let Russell eat til his heart's content and move him to either offensive or defensive tackle. Why waste a big body like that at QB? Or who knows, maybe he can make a decent DE.

Phillip Stuart from Colton, Calif.: I feel that the Raiders need to get a mid to long term quarterback in Jason Campbell, I think he would be a great addtion to the team with our young and fast recievers who have the ability to get open and make big plays we just havent had someone to get the ball to them. and even with Grad in he's only short term and we need something better and Jamarcus is a bust. But i think we need to get a OT with our first pick to give whoever is gonna be our QB some protection and use our second round pick to pick up a young quarterback that can sit back and wait and learn and potentially be a future big name such as... TIM TEBOW... that is if he is still available. but Al need to do some thinking and make a GOOD decision this year because passing on Crabtree last year made me sick to my stomach... but anyways Bill do you think that would work out well? thats my opinion anyways.

Ax from San Diego: I think the Raiders will be best served to start Gradkowski, the team seems to respond to him and just completely forget about Russell, he sucks. I would love to see them draft Tebow. Not that he is NFL ready, but the kid is a winner, no matter what you say about his mechanics or anything else about him. Plus, his enthusiasm can be contagious and its what the Raiders need right now, really bad. That kid would play on special teams if that is what the coaches asked of him. With 10 more guys like him on offense, the Raiders would be unstoppable!!

Warin from Englewood, N.J.:I would think it would be best to trade for Jason Campbell at this point. He is a proven quarterback (maybe not great, but at least we know he can play) and he wants to be the starter. If Campbell can be had for a third round pick or lower, Oakland has got to make that trade simply because we don't know if Gradkowski will hold up and Jamarcus Russell just seems to have no pride or desire whatsoever as a player. Sign Campbell, cut J-Russ and draft Jevean Snead out of Ole Miss with the 4th rounder.

Rick Lebarron from Millersville, Md.: The Raiders HAVE to start Gradkowski! He has the desire to win..he motivates the team...he gets the most out of his teammates...If we saw anything last year was that the Raiders played with passion with Gradkowski in the that means the players believe in him...I think he should be given the chance. He has EARNED the chance to prove what he can do unlike some other unnamed QB on the Raider roster.

Emanuel Hernandez from Sacramento, Calif.: Just give gradkowski the job. He gave this offense a boost and the team fed off his energy. Draft for a offensive linemen or defensive tackle. Campbell will not be protected in the pocket if we trade for him. At least bruce is mobile like gannon was. Gradkowski gives us the best chance to win even if he's only here for this upcoming season.

Brian from Los Angeles: The Raiders should trade for Jason Campbell for a mid round pick. He's a former 1st round pick, only 28 years old and could turn his career around with Oakland with a new system and new confidence. If you want to find out if Russell is your guy, you put him to the real test, not just against Gradkowski, but another guy who has been a starter for over 3 years. Then we'll see what Russell is made of, and may the best qb win and move us forward now and into the future!

Jair from Manassas Va.: The Raiders should trade for Michael Vick it will be good for him the team and the city of Oakland. This will cover the QB position and enable them to go with another position in the draft. To me this is a no brainer getting Vick in the silver & black.

Josh Montero from Orlando: BW, Bruce Gradkowski has to be the starter going into the season. I would like to see the Raiders trade down, and draft Tim Tebow late in the First Round. Say what you will about Tebow's throwing mechanics, but he is a proven winner, a hard worker and a leader. His work ethic and attitude would immediately perpetuate itself throughout the Oakland lockerroom.Oakland needs to trade it's second round pick for Gaither from the Ravens and attempt to grab a Defensive Tackle in the 3rd and a workman WR like Riley Cooper from the University of Florida in the 4th. For the record, I am an avid Tennessee Volunteer fan and cannot stand the Gators...but I think this would be the correct route back to the playoffs. Jamarcus Russell needs to be cut, and pursue a career in the UFL or Arena league.

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