Marshall sound-off responses

Denver Broncos fans appear torn on the trade of star receiver Brandon Marshall to the Miami Dolphins on Wednesday.

Denver received a second-round pick next week (No. 43) and a second-round pick next year in the deal. Still, some Denver fans are upset about losing Marshall’s talent. Others understand that because of Marshall’s off-field issues, a trade was necessary.

Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Clint from Denver: In all seriousness, I'm going to miss Marshall this year on the Bronco's Roster. He is a special talent that can never be ignored. However, his trade to Miami could be a great thing for the Broncos. The Dolphins are walking a fine line paying him the money they did, esepcially since one more issue will earn him an 8 week (plus) suspension with the league. Also, this give the current WR corp a better chance to show what is can do, especially Eddie Royal and Jabar Gaffney... Plus whoever else is brought in... And one final thought, did anyone miss Cutler after the second game last year? I was okay letting him and his interceptions hang out in Chicago... Go Broncos (and Avs/Nuggets/Rockies/Rapids).

Nelson Fraire from Phoenix: Makes no sense to get rid of marshall. mcd says he wants to build a winner yet he gets rid of cutler (starting franchise qb) and marshall (starting franchise receiver) in 2 seasons at the helm. how do you get better when you downgrade at 2 positions that is absolutely needed to succeed in the nfl these days.

Chad Kotka from Salt Lake City: I"m glad the drama is finally over! I was never happy about getting rid of Marshall but as time wen't on I started to get more and more sick of his sulking and whining. The guy was going to get his money from us or from some other team so I never understood why he could not keep his mouth shut and the cuffs off his wrists so he could get it sooner. We actually got a little more than I thought we would so I'm happy with the payoff especially for a guy who could never help us get past .500 or into the playoffs.

Dan Crews from Antioch, Ill.,: I'm a long-time Broncos fan and I don't know what to think. He's a top 5 WR and our best offensive weapon, but he's a jerk who will get suspended sooner or later because he's a serious head case and he wouldn't have come back next year anyways, but I'm afraid of losing what he did on Sundays.

Randy from Sidney, Mont.,: Denver had no chioce but to move away from Marshall. I really hope Marshall finds some peace being away from Denver and the memories of the Williams shooting. His talents will be missed and Denver has lost a big part of its offence which will take time to replace. Are the Broncos a better team without him...no. Are they better off without him... YES.

Tom Cammalleri from Simi Valley, Calif.,: I like Brandon Marshall, but there was something he didn't like about Denver, and there was something they didn't like about him. So it's best that both sides have moved on, and considering it only took a 5th round pick to get Santonio Holmes, Denver did OK. As far as Miami, they need Marshall, but giving him more money than Larry Fitzgerald is insane. I mean, who would you rather have?

Ryan from Nashville, Tenn.,: If you go by the draft value chart they got the equivalent of the 28th pick in the draft. In that way they did get first round compensation. I think that its too early to tell and we'll see how the draft picks workout and if Marshall stays out of trouble in Miami.

GG from New York: Brandon Marshall is awe-inspiring on the field, without a doubt the biggest star the Broncos have had since Elway. He made Cutler and Orton better, even if predictable at times. For a fan from afar, the impression he gives is a big smile that is ultimately an insincere indicator of good will. We?ve all known people like that, and the only solution is to give them a wide berth. The child in that powerful body needs to mature, or his new contract will only enable further travels down the road of self-destruction.

Tony from Provo, Utah: This is becoming a Joke. I know MCD thinks he can win with peope who "do their job" but you cannot expect to be able to compete or win if you keep getting rid of all of your best players. First Cutler then Marshall next Sheffler. Marshall helped us win 3 games by himself so now we are at least a 5-11 team if not worse. Why don't we start over and just be like the Raiders and Just Lose Baby for a long time or until Bowlin wakes up and either puts his foot down or gets a coach that knows how to build a good team.

Shane from Kannapolis, N.C.,: I have been a longtime Broncos fan ever since "The Drive" and it just seems things have to get better in Denver. I hated to see us trade away Marshall just because of what he meant as a receiver for the Broncos but at the same time he was saying all the right things to say like he wanted to remain a Bronco but lets be realistic that was not the case. Had we kept him we would been forced to put the franchise tag on him next year because he was never going to sign a long term deal with the Broncos so its better to get 2 high draft picks instead of nothing next year for him. Still hate to see for the second straight year us losing a star player!! Sure hope McDaniels knows what he is doing.