Sound-off responses

OK, it’s time to see what you guys know.

Our sound-off question this week was for fans of all four teams in the AFC West. We asked for you to give your choice for your favorite team’s first-round pick.

The response was awesome. Thanks for all of the great choices.

James N. from Omaha: It has to be RB Ryan Matthews with the Chargers #28 pick if he's there. I couldn't think of a more perfect fit. The guy's idol was LT, he wore 21 in college. He stated in an interview that he's hoping he falls to the Chargers. He is a perfect complement to Sproles and a between the tackles runner, but he does have some speed. He's not afraid to block and he's a high character guy that AJ Smith covets. He would instantly improve the Charger's 31st ranked Rushing attack.

Nick from Kansas City: The draft is a tough thing to predict and at #5, the Chiefs have one of the toughest decisions to make in the NFL. That being said, the next best thing is to get more draft picks. I would love to see the Chiefs take Berry and since that doesn't look like a sure thing, I would like to see them trade that pick for a late first, second and possibly a third. That way, you have more picks in those rounds and you don't have to reach for a play like Bulaga when he could end up at RT or G. The talent level will stay high and you will get more for your money that way.Keep from reaching and give yourself another day to think about it. Giving yourself more time could be a bad thing but so could paying a future RT/G top 5 money.

Geoff from San Francisco:Chiefs have to take Eric Berry. OT isn't as big of a need as the media believes. Albert really turned a corner late last season at LT and O'Callahan is a decent RT picked by Pioli in New England. Also, we can grab a decent 2nd rounder like Ducasse. KC needs playmakers and Berry seems to be just that. 2 of our first 3 picks HAVE to be on defensive players.

Daniel Schell from Marysville, Ks.: With the 5th pick I think that the chiefs should draft Eric Berry. If you watch film on this guy you can see that he is a playmaker, and he followed that up with one of the combine performances of anyone. In this pass happy league it would be nice to have a center fielder like Berry, because I am tired of watching everyone throw all over the chiefs.

Louie from Clovis, Ca.: With the number 8 pick in the 2010 NFL draft, the Oakland Raiders select MLB Rolando McClain. It would address a desperate need, and I think, or hope, the Raiders trade Rd. 2 for Jared Gaither, Rd. 3 for Albert Haynesworth and Rd.7 for Jason Campbell. Addressing all their major needs and significantly improving the team.

Sean from Kansas City: My choice for the Chief's is Eric Berry no doubt in my mind. Okung will be off the board, and we have a huge hole in our secondary. Mike Brown is gone, John McGraw is older, and Jarrad Page is coming off season ending injury. I believe Eric Berry will be the most NFL ready defensive player, and Brandon Flowers and Eric Berry could do some real damage, and immediately improve the defense. The Chiefs have spent most of the off season on offense (Lilja, Weigman, Jones, and Urban) time to grab some defensive studs with our first couple of draft picks.

Thai from Irvine, Ca.: As a Raider fan I am 100 percent convinced the Raiders must draft the "Golden Boy" Jimmy Clausen. Not only in my mind Clausen is the best QB in the draft but he has the perfect Raider Mentality to go with it. He has played in the pro-style offense, is a very hard worker, arm-strength, toughness, and poise to go with it. His offensive line was horrible and two of his best weapons Anthony Rudolph and Michael Floyd were injured for most of the season. He also played with a turf toe for most of the season. With all that against him he still had a great year of a TD-INT ratio of 28 to 4 in a pro-style offense. This kid is destined for greatness and Al Davis needs to consider picking him as the next franchise QB.

Tony from New York: With the 8th selection in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders select......Rolando McClain. A true MLB with excellent leadership qualities ready to step in and lead a youthful and talented squad. I know the general concensus by Raider fans is a OT or possibly even a DT/DE at this spot, I agree that the trenches are sorely in need of studs in the stable but with the exceptions of Okung, Suh, and McCoy (they should be gone by #8) there are no sure things. Drafting is usually a crap shoot anyhow but they should do themselves a favor and put Al's money on McClain being a star in the NFL, I for one think that it's a safe bet.

Amedeo from Rochester, NY: The Raiders will take Trent Williams or Joe Haden. Eric Berry is also a possibility. Why? The 3 players they've kept the closest tabs on are the first 2 and Rolando McClain. McClain is more of a 3-4 ILB and coincidentally the Broncos are looking for one. Its probably a smokescreen to get Denver to trade up. The Raiders NEED an OT and Okung and Bulaga could both be gone. Also the Raiders recently took another Iowa OT with short arms named Gallery, how'd that go? It doesn't hurt Trent Williams put up good combine numbers either,As for Haden, Chris Johnson and Stanford Routt are victimized opposite Nnamdi Asomugha at times and Haden is a good cover corner who can do man and run support. He'd be learning from the best in Nnamdi and if Asomugha wants out, Haden would be a great replacement. At his pro day he ran a 4.4 so he's ok there and Mr. Davis does love CB's.Probably won't be Campbell, they haven't spoken with him at all, but then again the same thing happened with Michael Huff.

Rob from San Diego: Ryan Matthews in the 1st, Jonathan Dwyer in the 3rd. Chargers have a top 10 rushing offense again. I ll still be wearing my TCU LT jersey every Sunday though

Mike from Virginia Beach, Va.: BW- to resond to your sound off. Die hard Broncos fan here and I want to see them draft Rolando McClain no if's and's or but's about! He is NFL ready and would make an instant impact! Imagine him and D.J. side buy side and with the FA's Denver has picked up, our defense will be much improved again this year! No to Dez Bryant. Why would you draft him when you just traded Marshall? Get a good WR in the beginning of the 2nd round! And please Denver, do NOT draft Tim Tebow!!!

Denis Thornton from Houston:With the 11th pick My Denver Broncos need to take McClain if he is available. If he is not then Sergio kindle we need a real pass rushing threat on the other side of Dume. We don't need to trade the best receiver in the league because of issues off the filed for another one of the same stock and be on this position again in 4 years. I am also very concerned about the center position.

Bob K. from San Jose: Oakland fans select the No. 8 pick: I just want Al to take a player who will have an immediate impact. That said, I like one of the top OTs as the #8 pick. However, I believe Al will trade down a few spots and pick either Iupati or Pouncey. Cable loves these two guys.

Jarrod from Ca.: With the 8th pick, Oakland should take DT Dan Williams. It is a slight reach here, but well worth it. The run defense has been the bane of our existence for the better part of a decade and a 4-3 NT will help a ton. I can see Oakland either sticking with Henderson or trading for a LT.

Andrew from Lawrence, Ks: Ideally, the Chiefs trade down with Buffalo or San Francisco, who both need quarterbacks, to get Clausen, and then the Chiefs can take a tackle, like Davis out of Rutgers, or McClain from Alabama.

David from San Diego: With the #11 pick, Denver should choose Rolando McClain. He will be an immediate impact player at a position of need, has leadership skills, and, at least as far as I know, he is not a head case.

Robb from Durango, Co.: The Broncos will draft Dez Bryant with the #11 pick. If he is not there, they will trade down and pick Pouncey from FL.:

Mark from Chamberlian, SD: With the 28th pick in the draft, the San Diego Chargers select Jahvid Best RB California.The only reason Best falls anywhere near the chargers pick is the injury concerns. DT is a need yes, but the chargers have Multiple players from last years team returning, and could draft another DT project later in the draft.It's about production now with this pick. Best can step in, share snaps with sproles. You can draft another "big back" with another later pick, if you'd want to.