Rapid Reaction: Bills 54, Chiefs 31

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

I'll admit it: I thought the Chiefs were going to win on Sunday.


Well, they had been playing fairly well for the past four games and they blew three straight wins. Buffalo came to Kansas City, which is still a tough a place to play, reeling. It was all set up for a Kansas City victory.

And then the game started.

The end result is another blowout loss for the Chiefs. For those who are still counting, Kansas City is now 1-10.

So now here's the next question: Will Kansas City, which has lost seven straight games, win again this season? Its most winnable games remaining on the schedule are next week at Oakland (the Raiders did win in Kansas City early in the season) and in the season finale at Cincinnati.

But this team has a whole lot of work to do before it can win. Sure, the offense can move the ball. But Kansas City committed five turnovers. The Chiefs' defense is simply not good enough to overcome that type of adversity.

And thus the Chiefs' losing march continues.