Chiefs stand by Matt Cassel

There was speculation for months before the draft that the Chiefs might be tempted to reunite quarterback Jimmy Clausen with Charlie Weis, his former coach at Notre Dame and the new offensive coordinator in Kansas City.

However, the Chiefs bypassed Clausen twice (at No. 5 and No. 36 overall). It was a clear vote of confidence for quarterback Matt Cassel.

Because Cassel signed a $40 million contract last year, the idea of acquiring Clausen sounded a little farfetched. But the Chiefs can get out of the Cassel contract after this year.

By not taking Clausen, Kansas City indicated they still believe Cassel will succeed as their quarterback.

They gave Cassel additional help this offseason by signing running back Thomas Jones, bringing back receiver Chris Chambers, upgrading their offensive line and adding a speedy slot receiver/running back in second-round draft pick Dexter McCluster. Cassel struggled last season at least in part due to a lack of weapons and a porous offensive line. It will be interesting to see what he can do now with a better supporting cast.

The fact that the Chiefs didn’t take Clausen means they think Cassel will succeed.