You pick it responses

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

The "you pick it" responses are in. The winner for the AFC West story of the week was the Raiders' 31-10 upset win at division leading Denver.

The other candidates were Kansas City allowing a franchise high 54 points to visiting Buffalo and the Chargers losing their fourth game of the season in the final minute, in a 23-20 home loss to Indianapolis.

Here is a sampling of your responses. We'll do it again next week:

Matt Hubert from Erie, PA: As a Raiders fan, I'd love to say the Raiders upset win and McFadden's return to relevance was the story of the week. But it has to be the Chargers losing another game in the final minute. This was a team that had legitimate Super Bowl aspirations. The division title wasn't even supposed to be a speed bump on that journey. Now they likely have to win out to have any chance of even making the playoffs. If any one of those four near-misses goes the other way, the Chargers would be in control with a game against the Broncos in the finale. Instead, they're left with no room for error and the serious possibility of spending January at home.

PorkChop from Santa Monica: I think the big win by Oakland was the big story. Getting 54 dropped on the Chiefs is a low point buy not unexpected. The last second heart breaker is the theme for SD now. Oakland's win was huge for the team and it could go a long way towards keeping the team putting effort into another lost season, maybe build some momentum heading into an uncertain offseason.

Timo: Bill: This 31-10 rout by Oakland is without question the story of the week in the AFC West. If Oakland can get to 5-8 and have a showdown game with the Patriots, that would be great theater and chance to get within a game of the division lead. The storyline for the Raiders is what always has been "Just Win Baby"...

Kevin from La Junta: Bill, Being a Broncos fan a loss to any 3 win team is pathetic, it only seems like the end of the world because it was the Raiders. Denver is beginning to resemble the raiders. Al Davis and Pat Bowlen are two old men that CHOOSE to live their wealthy lives in denial. Your Thoughts? Thanks Bill

Imad from Rockford: "You pick it story": Oakland beating Denver IN Denver. from a Chargers fan.