AFC West mailbag

Mid-week mail call:

Ryan from N.J. wants to know when I think Tim Tebow will start, if at all, as a rookie in Denver.

Bill Williamson: I think it is entirely up to Tebow. From talking to Denver coach Josh McDaniels about Tebow and his quarterback situation, I know he is not worried about Tebow’s rookie status. If the kid who was drafted with the No. 25 overall pick is ready to start, he’ll start. I think we will see Tebow play in some packages early and then take over as the full-time starter late in the season – if the Broncos are out of contention. If Kyle Orton keeps Denver in contention, he will likely keep his job all season with Tebow playing in special situations.

Gio from San Diego wants to know if Terrell Owens will end up in Oakland.

BW: We will hear that rumor until he signs elsewhere. Many folks around the league have long expected Owens to be a Raider. Now that he has been available for the entire offseason, it seems no one (Oakland included) is interested. Owens is 36 and he is on the decline. But he can still help a team this season. Oakland should think about Owens. The Raiders are very young and unreliable at receiver because of injuries and issues with dropped passes. Owens’ presence could give this unit a solid boost in 2010.

Michael from Council Bluffs wants to know if I think the Broncos will pursue veteran center Kevin Mawae.

BW: I don’t think that will happen, Michael. Mawae was rumored to visit Denver prior to the draft, but the Broncos didn’t show any interest. Now that the Broncos have drafted J.D. Walton of Baylor in the third round, it looks like they are ready to move on with him as the projected starter.