Bad timing for the Leaf movie in San Diego

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

So there's a movie chronicling the Ryan Leaf era in San Diego.

In Southern California, the film is probably going to be listed as a horror movie. Nightmare on Leaf Street, for sure.

This isn't exactly a great time for a movie on the Chargers' colossal draft mistake of 10 years ago to be shown in San Diego. It's not like Chargers fans can go see the film, relive the Leaf disaster and then take comfort in the team's current state.

The 2008 Chargers could provide sequel material to the Leaf opus. The Chargers are 4-8 and are on the brink of seeing Denver win the AFC West.

Coach Norv Turner is reviled in San Diego these days by many Chargers' fans and he could end up being the biggest NFL villain in the fans eyes in San Diego since Leaf.

So revisiting the Leaf days may not be the best medicine for the pained Chargers fans these days.