You pick it responses

John Elway’s public desire to become a part owner of the Denver Broncos -- the team he was a superstar quarterback for -- is our “you pick it” winner this week.

The other candidates were San Diego cutting second-year safety Kevin Ellison shortly after he was arrested for having 100 Vicodin pills and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell saying he will support the Chargers in their attempt for a new stadium.

I like the Goodell story, but for now, the Elway story is bigger. If Elway wants to become part of the Broncos again, he will. And that will be huge news. This was the right call.

Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Ian John from Pueblo, Colo.: Might be a bit biased when it comes to the story of the week being a Bronco fan, but I think the Elway story gets the nod. Not just because he might own a piece of Denver eventually but because he is talking about coming back as a coach too. What more could help Tim Tebow develop than John Elway helping him with things like his accuracy and how to be a scrambling QB in the NFL?

Matt from Boulder, Colo.: Elway's attempt to acquire a piece of the franchise the he himself put on the map may not be the most glamorous story-line, but it has to be the most important of the week. He has god-like status in Denver and is obviously an icon among all Broncos fans. I'm sure Pat Bowlen will keep full ownership of the team within his family when the time comes for him to let the controls go, but to see Elway throw in his two cents and try to contribute fiscally would be very interesting. He has been very successful in his non-football endeavors (selling the car dealerships, Elway's Restaurant etc.) so why not give him the chance to contribute to what he is most known for?

Chris from Coure d’Alene, Idaho: A good sign the commish is behind the it. Will is a huge chunk of the effort in a laid back town like SD, and having leaders support you bolsters that will. We saw what happened to the Seattle SuperSonics when Stern didn't back their team...buh bye! Go Bolts!

Bulldog from Arlington Heights, Ill: Regarding Elway wanting a partial ownership in the Bronco's is to me a huge story. Living in the suburbs of Chicago, Michael Jordan was "The King" of Chicago, and he wanted a piece of the Bulls, which he did not get, so he moved on to take on a significant piece of the Charlotte Bobcats. Now, I am not really sure of his success , or lack of it, but, the town will always remain a Michael Jordon town, and a whole lot of people were disappointed when Jordon was told NO.Will this effect Pat Bowlen's answer, who knows, but, it could effect the way a lot of fans respond to Bowlen in the future.

Tim from Denver: Has to be Elway by process of elimination. Did anyone really expect Ellison to stay on the Chargers after his arrest? On the other hand, the SD stadium itself is a big deal, but Goodell supporting the Chargers making more money is not. Elway's return has a lot of ramifications for the Broncos, most notably stopping the weird talk in Denver that Bowlen can't afford the best players any more. This also gives more of a chance that Elway will work with Tebow. Plus, his seemingly budding business friendship with McDaniels will do nothing but help McDaniel's reputation in Denver, which really could use a shot in the arm these days.

Albert from Boise: San Diego cuts Ellison: The Chargers cut second-year safety Kevin Ellison a month after being arrested with 100 Vicidon pills. I believe that with how quickly the Chargers were willing to cut Kevin Ellison shows that they have faith in the ability of Steve Gregory to step in as the starter. He was put in various positions on the field last season and was able to do pretty well. Also, rookie Darrell Stuckey looks promising for the team and will get some time to shine as well.

Mike from Denver: It’s Elway. Come back to the Broncos, John. Please.