Freeney looking forward to facing Tebow

FreeneyFreeneyDwight Freeney, star pass rusher for the Indianapolis Colts, can’t wait to get his hands on Denver rookie quarterback Tim Tebow. I’m sure Freeney isn’t the only defender who is looking forward to introducing Tebow to the NFL.

Few players have come into the NFL with the hype that Tebow has. I’m sure many veterans are tired of hearing about him and they want to see what the big deal is. The Colts visit the Broncos on Sept. 26. Perhaps Freeney will get a chance to get his hands on Tebow out of the Wildcat formation. If so, it should be fun to watch unfold.

  • I love the attitude of San Diego first-round pick Ryan Mathews. He vows not to hold out. This kid seems to get it. Nothing good comes out of holding out. It seems Mathews realizes how much the Chargers are relying on him and he is looking forward to starting his challenge.

  • It’s stadium talk time in Oakland and in San Diego. Expect this chatter to heat up. Both the Raiders and the Chargers need new digs badly.