Just a thought: Kansas City Patriots?

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

With the announcement that Carl Peterson will be out as the czar of the Chiefs, effective at the end of season, many fans are envisioning Bill Cowher taking over as coach and general manger. Could it happen? Sure. A lot could happen so Chiefs fans should allow themselves to think big as the worm turns in Kansas City for the first time in 19 years.

Here's another thought: And it might be bigger than the Cowher double-dip, it's a New England triple-dip.

Perhaps Kansas City should pursue Patriots personnel guru Scott Pioli. He could then in turn hire New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels as head coach. McDaniels could then sway free agent quarterback Matt Cassel to Kansas City.

Think about it; it makes sense. The Chiefs have the GM opening and it is clear that person will likely bring in his own coach. And a new GM and new coach could want a new quarterback. Pioli and McDaniels would want a new quarterback to have some familiarity with their system. The Pioli-McDaniels-Cassel three-some is possible.

I'm not saying it will happen. But it would be a power move by Kansas City.

Pioli will surely be hot again this offseason. He's always hot. Thus far, he has been reluctant to leave New England and he would be the toughest part of this puzzle to convince to leave the Patriots. But the Kansas City job will be coveted. Perhaps Pioli will be in intrigued.

McDaniels will likely feel he is ready for a head job this offseason. Cassel will likely leave New England for starter's riches. He and McDaniels are close. Both men would likely be comfortable continuing to work together.

It is debatable if Kansas City needs to invest in a quarterback rather than a defensive end in free agency, but with a front-office change in Kansas City already afoot, Tyler Thigpen's chances to be the Chiefs' starter diminish with a new regime coming in.

So Cassel could be in play in Kansas City. This New England reunion makes sense, that's all I'm saying. It would certainly be a big splash and Kansas City definitely needs some excitement as a new era is about to begin.