You pick it responses

We had a shutout in our “you pick it” feature this week. Readers believe the story of the week was the death of former San Diego coach Don Coryell. He died at the age of 85.

The other candidates was San Diego receiver Vincent Jackson being suspended for three games after two arrests for drunken driving and trade talks surrounding Jackson.

I have to agree with the readers. Coryell was a legend and a huge part of the AFC West’s history. The Jackson story is just getting started. There’s plenty to develop there.

Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Rob from Houston: AFC West Story Lines: Coryell Dies at 85. Don Coryell's death really hit me because I have been a Charger fan for over 40 years. I remember how he took a mediocre Charger team and transformed them into an elite unit that was respected throughout the league. While he is known for his great offensive innovations that transformed the NFL, many forget he coached one of the best defensive teams in the NFL between 1978 and 1980. If it had not been for the team owner and general manager getting rid of key defensive players, the Chargers would have likely won several Superbowls under Don Coryell. I wish he had been voted into the Pro Football HOF before he died.

Jason from Puyallup, Wash., writes: I think Don Coryell passing away before making it into the HOF is a tragedy. I remember when I was 6 years old and my dad telling me to "take a look at this offense" and being in a state of awe as I watched Dan Fouts throw the football down the field. Don's strategies changed the way football was and is played now. No one can deny the influence Don created with his wide open schemes and mismatches. Most of the HOF voters seem only to care about superbowls and championships. They need to look at the entire picture and realize what a true visionary Don was.

Tony from San Diego: The story of the week is coach Coryell passing away, He was a living legend.

Jorge from La Jolla: It has to be Don Coryell dying. There wouldn’t be the San Diego Chargers without him.

Dalton from Aurora, Co.: In regards to the story of the week, I don't consider Vincent Jackson's suspension the most interesting story, especially in reference to the fact that he's planning to hold out beyond that period of time anyways, making the suspension null and void. It also makes trade talks less interesting because the suspension reduces Jackson's value and trade possibilities. The death of Coryell has to take it. He was a respected man not just in San Diego, but throughout the NFL. He deserves the top spot, despite such honors being less than he deserves. A good man and a good coach. R.I.P.