Legends try to help Bowe get his groove back

Former NFL star receiver and current ESPN analyst Cris Carter told reporters in Minnesota that the Kansas City Chiefs’ brass was aware he’d be attending the same camp as Dwayne Bowe. He indicated that he would try to help Bowe, who struggled last year.

The camp was run by Arizona star receiver Larry Fitzgerald in his native Minneapolis and attended by several NFL receivers. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that Bowe received tough love from both Carter and fellow former star receiver Michael Irvin.

“Some people in Kansas City as far as their administration kind of knew I was going to be here. We kind of let them know that I would be here for Bowe,” Carter said.

The paper said Bowe made his debut at the camp Thursday and he was admittedly out of shape after taking some time off.

"Can you imagine your first day coming back to 14 [100-yard sprints]?" Bowe said. "Man, it was like college again. I’ve never done this intensive competing, conditioning and technique in one day."

Bowe said he was attending the camp because he saw the noticeable improvement Minnesota’s Sidney Rice made last year after attending.

"You can tell [the potential impact] by the production that Sidney Rice had last year," Bowe said. "I know he had Brett Favre but still. I talked to him a week ago and he told me they competed and it made him [better] and he went to the Pro Bowl. Now I think it’s my turn to take over."

The Chiefs have to feel the same way. Perhaps that’s why they talked to Carter about Bowe. He is a talented player who took strides backwards last season. Bowe, a No. 1 pick in 2007, had a total of 156 catches in his first two NFL seasons. However, he had just 47 catches and was suspended for four games for using a banned substance in 2009.

While he has been in and out of coach Todd Haley’s doghouse, the Chiefs are giving Bowe a clean slate. They have not given up on him, but they know this is a vital season for him. Perhaps his time with Carter, Irvin and Fitzgerald will help.