Was this it for Gonzalez in Kansas City?

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Tony Gonzalez had one of his most productive seasons in his 12th season with the Chiefs. Will it be his last there?

Thanks to the Chiefs' PR staff, here are some interesting statistical tidbits concerning Gonzalez. He had five catches and now has caught a pass in 131 straight games. It is the second longest streak for a tight end in NFL history behind Ozzie Newsome at 150 games.

Gonzalez had 96 catches in 2008, the third most in his career. He had 99 catches last season and 102 in 2004. His 195 catches in the past two seasons is the best two-year stretch of his career.

Will Gonzalez return to Kansas City in 2009? Gonzalez, 32, wanted to be traded in October and he said recently that he hasn't yet decided what he wants to do in the future. One thing is for sure, Gonzalez didn't go in the tank when he wasn't traded. Of his 96 catches, 75 came in the 11 games after the trade deadline,

Once again, Gonzalez proved to be a class act and a bright light in a 2-14 season for the Chiefs. If this was his last season in Kansas City, he went out strong.