Chiefs need to jump on Pioli

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

The Kansas City Chiefs need to put the full court press on New England executive Scott Pioli if they truly want him to be Carl Peterson's replacement.

The Cleveland Browns are pursuing Pioli hard. If the Chiefs want in on Pioli they need to strike now.

The word is that Pioli is as interested in pursuing other jobs as he's ever been. He is clearly the prize of the general manager market. Many league observers believe the best current situations open are in Cleveland and in Kansas City.

Pioli would likely be intrigued by both jobs. That's why Kansas City has to strike now. Sure, the Chiefs have other names on their wish list, but every GM wish list starts with Pioli, who has been a major part of the Patriots' success this decade.

Among the selling points Kansas City must give Pioli are the fact that he can pick his next coach, the fact that Kansas City has the No. 3 pick and, yes, he can bring in free-agent quarterback Matt Cassel if he likes.

The Chiefs have a lot to offer. If they want Pioli, they have to make it clear now with Cleveland already bearing down on him.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs just announced they signed four players to future contracts. They are guards Brian De La Puente and Edwin Harrison, defensive tackle T.J. Jackson and running back Dantrell Savage.