Jones talks about working in the john

In a radio interview, new Kansas City running back Thomas Jones recalled a unique training-camp drill.

On Wednesday, assistant coach Maurice Carthon brought out a portable toilet to the practice field without the knowledge of the players. They were alarmed when Carthon told his troops to enter the rolling john one-by-one.

Players were told to shut the door. Then another person would open the door from the outside and a pass was thrown right at them. The drill was aimed at helping hand-eye coordination. Much to the relief of the players, the traveling lavatory was clean.

Still, Jones wasn’t expecting any potty training during camp. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“When [Carthon] first mentioned it, I kind of looked at him,” Jones said in the radio interview. "He said, ‘Why [are] you looking at me like that?’ But when we did the drill, it was one of those drills where you just have to really react. The door closes and then opens. The ball’s right in your face. You have to really focus and look the ball in. That’s something you have to do on the field, too. Luckily, there wasn’t anything in there.”

If this is truly the season the Chiefs turn around their fortunes, it will be remembered as the year of the port-a-potty. Hey, whatever it takes.