AFC West mailbag

Mid-week mail call:

Dwayne from Brooklyn wants to know what the similarities and differences between Brandon Marshall's situation in Denver and Vincent Jackson's situation in San Diego.

Bill Williamson: I think they are fairly different deals. Marshall was unhappy with his contract and being in Denver in general. He never held out, but he did cause some waves in 2009, including a preseason suspension and a suspension in his final week as a Bronco. Jackson has been much quieter. It is all about money. He is holding out because he wants to be paid, but he is not making a huge stink about it.

John Penrose from Columbus, Ohio wants to know if I think Oakland offensive coordinator Hue Jackson will be the team’s next head coach.

BW: That is the speculation. If the Raiders struggle early in the season, Tom Cable could be on the hot seat. Al Davis thinks highly of Jackson, so a promotion is not out of the question. After all, that’s how Cable became the head coach when Lane Kiffin was fired.

Mikey from Dallas wants to know if New England running back Laurence Maroney could end up in Denver.

BW: It’s an interesting question, Mikey. There has been some talk the Patriots are down on Maroney. Still, it might be a bit of a long shot that he is traded or cut. If so, you’d have to think Denver would be a natural fit. Maroney played for Denver coach Josh McDaniels in New England and the Broncos could use another running back, so the pairing makes sense. Another option could be Washington. Mike Shanahan almost drafted Maroney in 2006 while coaching the Broncos.