Tebow Watch: Support mounts

There is a chance Tim Tebow will be promoted to the No. 2 quarterback in Denver as soon as Tuesday when the Broncos practice.

Tebow was the No. 2 quarterback Sunday against Pittsburgh and he has outplayed Brady Quinn. However, Denver coach Josh McDaniels said Tebow came in second after Kyle Orton because the team wanted to see more repetitions since he missed the previous game with sore ribs. However, it needs to be noted that when Orton left the field for a play during a short injury, it was Quinn, not Tebow, who replaced him.

There could be a situation where Tebow is the No. 2 quarterback on game days because he will be used in special packages. However, perhaps early in Tebow’s career, if Orton misses a week, Quinn would be the starter.

Still, it is clear Tebow is making strides and gaining more support. Monday, I caught up with former Tampa Bay and Denver safety john Lynch, who is an analyst for FOX. He was at Denver’s game against Pittsburgh on Sunday.

Lynch, a college quarterback at Stanford, has watched Tebow in camp and liked what he saw on the field Sunday night. Lynch said the most impressive thing about Tebow was how quickly he is learning. Lynch said Tebow rarely makes the same mistake twice, and his game is evolving.

“He has the most diagnosed release in the history of releases and he is working on it,” Lynch said. “We saw improvements. Credit goes to Tim for recognizing he had some mechanical issues and he addressed it … The kid seems focused on bettering his game every day.”

The Broncos had Tebow work on his pocket game Sunday night. He didn’t take off and run after injuring his ribs on a touchdown run in his preseason debut at Cincinnati two weeks ago. Lynch thinks it’s smart that Tebow refine his pocket-passing presence, but he shouldn’t go away from his game.

“It’s strength of his and he should use it,” Lynch said. “Steve Young’s evolution to being a truly championship quarterback was when he combined his pocket game with his natural running skills. I think that’s the progression Tim needs to strive for.”

Like everyone else, Lynch said a key to Tebow’s chances to succeed is his makeup.

“I like what he does on the field, but I’m telling you, you can’t discount those intangibles,” Lynch said. “He’s special. There is just a way he carries himself, you now he will be a successful player.”