John Lynch likes Kansas City's defense

Former Bucs and Broncos safety John Lynch was one of the most knowledgeable, insightful NFL players I’ve ever covered.

I enjoy catching up with him. His analysis is worth noting. That’s why Kansas City Chiefs fans have reason to be optimistic.

Lynch, who is know an analyst for FOX, saw the Chiefs play earlier in the preseason. The likely Hall of Fame safety believes the Chiefs have a chance to be strong on defense. This is fascinating because many people, myself included, think the Chiefs could be a strong team if the defense can come together.

The Chiefs’ offense has been better and has shown more improvements than the defense during much of the summer. However, the Kansas City defense did play well against Philadelphia on Friday, with the starters playing extensively.

Lynch believes the defense has a chance to develop. He is particularly impressed by rookie safety Eric Berry and veteran linebacker Tamba Hali. He thinks both players can make huge impacts and help elevate the unit.

“I really think the defense can make strides,” Lynch said. “They can do some things … I really like Berry. He is explosive.”

If Lynch is on to something, and I have no reason to doubt he is, perhaps a Kansas City revival is in the works.