Report: Brandon Stokley era ends in Denver

UDPATE: .The Broncos announced Stokley was put on the injured reserve he has a groin injury. The Denver Post reports Stokley contract will be terminated after he got an injury settlement from the I.R.

Nearly a year after pulling off one of the most stunning plays in team history, the Denver Broncos have waived good-bye to receiver Brandon Stokley.

Stokley, 34, lost out to youth. He wasn’t going to be in Denver’s top four receiving rotation and the team liked young Matthew Willis, so Stokley was the odd man out. The writing has been on the wall for a week or so.

Stokley, who some people think is the best slot receiver of all time, could get interest from a contending team. Even though he is aging and he has been injury-prone, Stokley can still fill a role. He is also outstanding in the locker room.

Stokley was in Denver for three seasons. He is best remembered in Denver for taking a deflected pass into the end zone on a stunning 87-yard pass in the final seconds to beat Cincinnati on opening day last year.