Denver Broncos: Three things

Three things Denver needs to work on this week in preparation for Sunday’s opener at Jacksonville:

Dominant in the passing game: The best thing Denver has going for it going into the season is quarterback Kyle Orton. He had an outstanding preseason and he has a nice rhythm going with his receivers. With the Denver running game banged up and uncertain headed into the Jaguars game, the Broncos will have to win in the air.

Contain the run: The Broncos had the No. 3 pass defense in the NFL last season. But their run defense struggled down the stretch. The Jaguars can run the ball pretty well with Maurice Jones-Drew. He had 1,391 yards on the ground last season. He can wear defenses down. Denver’s front seven, starting with nose tackle Jamal Williams, must set the tone and not allow Jones-Drew to dictate the game on the ground.

Prepare for the heat: Sunday’s forecast in Jacksonville is 90 degrees and cloudy. The Broncos have struggled historically in Florida in the early season. The humidity can beat down teams. The Broncos must be mentally prepared for unpleasant conditions.