Tebow Watch: Twitter time

Tim Tebow is going high tech.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Tebow is going places many professional athletes have already gone -- to the Internet. Days before he begins his NFL career, Tebow is launching his own website and Twitter account.

He will be at TimTebow.com. Schefter reports that Tebow reserved the right to that name when he was a sophomore in high school. However, in the past few years, there have been several social media profiles and sites claiming to be Tebow’s.

Schefter reports that Tebow’s brother, Robbie, confirmed that the site and Twitter account are real and the website will feature a sneak preview of an upcoming documentary that will be released on Tebow.

In addition to entering the thrilling world of websites and Twitter, Tebow has his hands full. He is vying to be the No. 2 quarterback in Denver. Denver coach Josh McDaniels said this week he hasn’t decided whether Tebow or Brady Quinn will be the backup Sunday when Denver opens the season in Jacksonville, which, by the way, is Tebow’s hometown.

I say Tebow will win the job, but we may not know until Sunday. Maybe he’ll break the news on Twitter.