Edwards' fate still up in the air

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Herm Edwards deserves better.

The Chiefs' season ended 16 days ago. Edwards has been in a holding pattern since then. Those close to him say Edwards had been hearing totally different stories and rumors in the interim. He didn't know what to believe.

When the Chiefs opened the general manager's job 29 days ago, Edwards was told the new general manager would make the decision on his fate. It's doubtful Edwards thought nearly a month would pass with his situation still unclear.

Meanwhile, he showed up to work every day since the end of the season as defensive coordinator jobs started to fill.

If Edwards is fired and he wants to work in 2009, he needs to know his future as soon as possible. It could be a few days before Edwards' situation is clear.

Same goes for the Chiefs' assistants. Some are already making plans elsewhere. Don't be surprised if highly touted secondary coach David Gibbs ends up elsewhere, perhaps Houston.

Edwards has been unable to tell his assistants what to do because he doesn't know. The Chiefs' ownership is said to be big fans of Edwards. But he needed to be communicated with better during this time of flux.

While the last couple of years have been poor on the field, Edwards has represented the Chiefs and the NFL well. He is a good man and he is good for the league.

Yes, we believe the Chiefs' decision to hire Scott Pioli was the right one. And it is prudent for Pioli to make his own hire in Kansas City as he moves forward. It is unlikely an executive as sought after as Pioli was would agree to go to a team in a rebuilding phase without the opportunity to hire his own coach.

If the Chiefs do fire Edwards it is totally understandable, but is also several days too late.