AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

JP from Visalia, CA: Hey Bill. You do a great job. I always check the AFC West blog first thing on ESPN.com. I am a Raider fan and was wondering about the possibility of Herm Edwards to the Raiders (if he is fired by the new GM, of course) as a coach or, even better, as a defensive coordinator. He is a defense guy, right? He is from the bay area. Keep Cable and have Edwards on defense.

BW: Thanks for the nice words, JP. Yeah, sure, I could see it. The only snag would be that Edwards is a defensive-minded coach. The last 11 head coaches in Oakland were offense-first coaches. With the development of JaMarcus Russell so crucial in Oakland, I think offense is what Al Davis will look at first. However, he is interviewing Green Bay assistant Winston Moss, who is a defensive coach, so maybe Edwards would get a look if he is fired in Kansas City.

Curtis from Colorado Springs: With Denver hiring milke nolan to run the defense will denver be switching to the 3-4?

BW: Yes, the Broncos are expected to be a 3-4 team with Nolan taking over. The Broncos tried using the 3-4 defense earlier this season but it didn't work because of personnel. So Denver will be looking for players to fit the 3-4. It does mean there is now a spot for both D.J. Williams and rookie sensation Wesley Woodyard in Denver's starting lineup. The Broncos missed Woodyard when he didn't play.

Brian from Des Moines: Will Kirk Ferentz be the next coach in KC?

BW: He could be a candidate if Edwards is fired. He has always been reluctant to leave Iowa in the past. Perhaps Scott Pioli could sway him this time.

Scott from Pittsfield, MA: Hey bill, the raiders let 4 or 5 games slip away this year that they could have won, which would have landede them the afc west title, do you think if they get that o-line figured that 2009 is they're turn around year? and do you think if they get a veteran reciever such as marvin harrison, could jamarcus russell play like the number 1 over-all draft pick.

BW: Scott, the Raiders were also blown out many times so you have to look at it that way, too. This team has a lot of work to do before being considered a contender. Yes, I see Oakland trying to get some type of veteran receiver in the offseason.

Mark from Wilmington, DE: Bill, I love the way you cover the AFC West, every team unbiased...GREAT JOB! Do you have any idea how Mark Davis will run the team once he takes

BW: Thanks, Mark. Interesting question. The Raiders have said Mark Davis, Al Davis' son, will run the team. What I know about Mark is he is a nice guy who has kept a low profile. Not sure how he'd change when he runs the team.