Pros and cons of keeping Cable

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Oakland owner Al Davis is still deciding on whether to bring back interim head coach Tom Cable or go with another head coach. (He has also interviewed Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride and Green Bay defensive assistant Winston Moss.)

Here is a look at the pros and cons that Davis could be mulling in deciding if he'll bring back Cable.


He finished hot: The Raiders won their two final games under Cable to finish 5-11. High notes have been rare in Oakland in recent years so this can't be discounted.

The players like him: Several players, including quarterback JaMarcus Russell, have publicly said they want Cable to return. Happy players are always a good thing.

Continuity is needed: The Raiders have been in flux so long. Cable wants to be there and he offers stability that has been missing in recent years in Oakland.


He was 4-8 in Oakland: While Cable ended the season well, his overall 12-game tenure as Lane Kiffin's replacement wasn't stellar. The Raiders were beaten badly often and the team looked lost at times during Cable's regime.

He is not a quarterback guru: The key player in Oakland is Russell. He has been slow to develop in his two NFL seasons. Many believe the Raiders need a quarterback coach to be the head coach. Cable's area of expertise is the offensive line.

New blood could be good: A coach like Gilbride or Moss could give Oakland a fresh perspective as they try to break a 24-72 run over the course of the past six seasons.