Sound-off responses

We asked the passionate Raider Nation to reassess Oakland after its shocking 38-13 defeat at Tennessee.

Confidence was high in Oakland heading into the season. But the Raiders were outplayed badly in every phase of the game. We wanted to know if Raiders fans are worried.

What we received was a mixed bag. Some fans are chalking it up to a bad start, while others see signs of deeper trouble.

I agree with the fans who say a season is not lost after one week. But major improvements need to be made in Oakland. The Raiders were not just a few tweaks and a break or two away from winning that game. They looked a long way away.

Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated:

David from Loveland, Colo.: Re. Oakland Sound-off: One bad loss is nothing to get overly crazy about, with so many games yet to be played. The same, of course, would have been the case if the Raiders went out and beat the Titans.One thing that is concerning: the way in which they lost. Campbell was supposed to be an upgrade and the run D should have been better. Both of the areas they aimed to improve in the offseason fell flat on their face.Again, just one game. Campbell should get better, same goes for the D. If they are 3-6 at the bye week, then it may be time to panic.

Brad from Seattle: It's simple: One game does not a season make. There are problems that can be fixed. Try not to forget that the Titans are a good team. The REAL test will be this week. What doe we do against the rams? If they hang an "L" on on us then let play for a really good draft pick.

Ant from Portland: Bill, Oaklands performance this past sunday was atrocious in my opinion, although im hopeful for the other 15 upcoming games I chalk this up to more then just one lousy showing. Veldheer starting at center, Bush out with a broken thumb and Jason Campbell's inconsistency from the preseason under center carrying into the regular season definitely were contributing factors. It almost seemed that the Stanford Routt move to the second corner position opposite Nnamdi was about as effective as having incumbent Chris Johnson in that position. There were alot of negative aspects in this game, still wasn't overly impressed with D-Mac's showing either, just isn't what you'd expect from a former first rounder. If Oakland can win the next two of three games, Tom Cable's job may be safe for the time being, major changes need to be made however as Oakland's schedule gets way tougher after that week 4 matchup against Houston.

Jeremy from Madison, Wis.: After watching the Raiders get crushed year after year starting with the Superbowl in the beginning of the decade, I was feeling excited about this season like most other Raider fans. It looked like we had a lot of pieces figured out on offense and some good things coming together on defense, and special teams was one of the few bright spots during this awful run of 11-loss seasons. But the successful news coming out of training camp ignored the most important issues for the team: the offensive and defensive lines. The Raiders took some good steps with drafting and trading to help shore them up, but after a sobering week one it's hard to look at either line without seeing a lot of transition. Hopefully Veldheer, Campbell, and Houston all work out long-term, but the realistic odds that the Raiders' lines would somehow be able to fix all of the issues that have dogged them for more than 5 years by drafting three tackles in the early middle of the draft is pretty low. I think that that this will be another transitional season for the Raiders, but hopefully we can at least get more than five wins this year before winning the AFC West next year...

Jeff Anthony from Maricopa, Ariz.: Oakland really has problems, the game was just awefully they didn't show up to play kind of looked like the Giants game of last year. The problem that I picked up early and often was the O-line more like Mario Henderson, this guy can't block anybody and then placing a Valdheer at Center was just bad coaching decision. If Oakland is going to be AFC Champions like thier shirt read then its time to step up to the plate and fix the O-line! If they do that everything else will fall in place. If they dont fix anything we will have another 11+ losing season.

Darren from San Francisco: This was not just a lousy start. The Raiders made no offseason improvements to arguably the worst offensive line in the league and it showed against the Titans. Henderson and Walker should not be starting for any team and Veldheer is a D-II rookie playing a veterans position. That is a recipe for disaster. This line is big and slow and they will repeatedly get beat by even mediocre NFL defensive fronts.

Scott from Los Angeles, Calif.: Hey Bill,These past two days have let me ruminate words that would aptly describe the Raiders play on Sunday and this is what I came up with: pitiful. The O-Line was by far the worst part of the team but I do not think anyone thought it would be that bad. They could not keep Campbell upright and added on numerous penalties that only hurt their cause. I am still unsure why Veldheer is at center, because he never seemed to find his groove and appeared to be too big for the position. The entire right side of the line needs to be replaced. Langston Walker and Cooper Carlislie are not going to make plays.If the Raiders had better O-Line play on Sunday, I'd imagine that game would be much different. I just hope Cable makes some personnel changes because I'd love to avoid another embarrassing loss.

Mike from San Diego, Calif.: Though the game was really tough to watch, I do not think that this will develop into a trend. I think the most obvious problem shown in that game was the offensive line. Veldheer had a tough game at center and Henderson was no existent at LT. They need to ask if they are better off starting Satele/Veldheer over Veldheer/Henderson. I feel that Cable will be able to make some adjustments to help the offense (much like after week 1 of the preseason) as he says many of the mistakes made are very fixable. I won't panic unless they repeat this against the Rams at home this weekend. Then Cable and Campbell will both be on the hot seat.

Colton C. from Redding, Calif.: feel very embarrassed to be a Raider fan... With as much hype as the Raiders had coming into this season you would think that they would deliver. Granted it is only one game and the Titans are a good team but come on, that game was just terrible. It looked like i was watching a game from last season. I hope we can get better i really do.

Sean Brown from Laurel, Md.: The Raiders have to regain their confidence. I believe one of the most overlooked qualities that is necessary for a player to be successful is his confidence. Darius Hayward-Bey lacks confidence because the team has not allowed him to gain any. There was nothing done on Sunday to help him forget about the dismal season that he had last season. It was amazing to see how well McFadden played after a few good runs. His confidence was high. The same needs to be said for the O-line. If I were coach Cable I would come out Sunday and try and establish the run early to improve the confidence of an O-line that is currently shell-shocked. Thanks Bill.

Tim Garrett from Reno: It appears as it is the same old Raider team as the past few years with the same problems: an offensive line that can't block and a defense that allows that one big play ( actually two in this game). The offensive line is a huge concern. Sure they have the biggest line in the league; and probably the slowest too. The funny thing is; wouldn't you think that an offensive line coach as a head coach would be able to correct this problem? The only bright spot was McFadden. Hopefully when Bush returns they will be able to run the ball and not have to rely on the less than stellar pass blocking. From a defensive standpoint they did very well against Johnson other than the big run; a run in which he should have been tackled at the line. And it is still the same Stanford "toast" Routt. Gets burnt for a long play and touchdown. One game down and the same Raider team. However, these next two games will be criticial, as they have a chance to turn the poor performance into just that; a poor performance rather than the same old same old.

Winston from Seattle: Here is my take on the game - Jason Cambell looked like he had jitters, but who wouldn't playiing on the road, new team/offense, and an offensive line that left their blocking back at training camp. I honestly think that this week is going to make or really break the Raiders season. St Louis coming to our house - if the Raiders lose or even eek out a close win, I think it could be devestating to them. They had high hopes with their offseason and I am giving them a mulligan for week one, but I am extremely worried. I wasn't expecting a win at Tennessee, but I was expecting a tight ball game that came down to the end with the home team getting the W. So this week is big. Can the Raiders give themselves a mulligan, move on from the pounding they took and keep a positive attitude and close the door on a team that is supposedly in the much earlier stages of rebuilding than the Raiders. We will see on Sunday.