Vincent Jackson has a small trade window

We now know the window in which the San Diego Chargers can trade holdout Pro Bowl receiver Vincent Jackson this season.


JacksonAs part of a settlement between the NFL and the NFL Players’ Association, Jackson can be eligible after the fourth game if he is traded before Wednesday, Sept. 22, at 4 p.m. ET. Trade talks can start after 4 p.m. ET Friday. If he isn’t traded during that window, he can be traded after the sixth game. The Chargers’ sixth game is Oct. 17, two days before the trade deadline. So, there is a five-day window that Jackson can be dealt this month and a two-day window he can be traded next month.

It's good that’s it all cleared up. But I still maintain that it doesn’t matter unless San Diego general manager A.J. Smith decides he wants to trade him. Smith holds all the cards. If teams are planning to line up to give Smith trade proposals in the next five days, the teams must be prepared to be ignored. Smith could play ball or he could decline to dance.

So while Thursday’s settlement is interesting, it may not matter in the long run if Smith doesn’t want it to matter.