Chargers continue to be sloppy

SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Chargers continue to make silly mistakes to allow their opponents into the game.

Arizona’s Kerry Rhodes returned a Darren Sproles fumble for a touchdown to tie the game at 7-7.

However, the Chargers responded with a nice drive to take a 14-7 lead. Once again, everything is working well for San Diego. It is moving the ball on offense and making big plays on defense, just as it has all season.

Yet, mistakes are keeping San Diego, which entered Sunday’s game 1-2, from dominating.

Sproles’ fumble was San Diego’s 10th turnover of the season. Turnovers and shoddy special-teams play has undone San Diego this season. Rhodes’ touchdown shows the Chargers are still not beyond their issues despite playing well on offense and defense.