Sound-off responses

It seems that the Raider Nation is split on the future of Tom Cable.

Our sound-off question this week was whether Oakland fans think Coach Tom Cable should be on the hot seat. The Raiders are 1-3 and 10-22 in two full seasons under Cable, who replaced Lane Kiiffin after the fourth game of the 2008 season. Oakland has some talent, but it is making too many mistakes.

We received a ton of responses and there were slightly more Oakland fans in favor of keeping Cable rather than making yet another coaching change in Oakland.

If Oakland loses at home against San Diego on Sunday to fall to 1-4, I think Cable could be in trouble, though. Oakland owner Al Davis believed Cable when he said countless times this year that the Raiders were ready to be a playoff team.

Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated:

RaiderDre from Richmond, Calif.: I believe Cable has one more year. This team needs offensive line help! Also they need to change the Defensive scheme. Unfortunately the Al Davis mandate requires his coaches play the same vanilla D year after year. Something is broken and I'm not buying the sentiment that the Raiders don't have enough talent. Special teams is also a problem this year. Cable cant do it all him self. Firing him will only set us back...

Alvin from Omaha: Cable should not be put on the hot seat just yet. Yes the offensive line is terrible but they need time to develop Mario Henderson is a filler at best and Veldheer needs time coming out from a D2 School like Hillsdale, and i haven't seen a lot of Bruce Campbell so i can't say for him however the raiders there are some positives and if sea bass had made the kick at Arizona we'd be 2-2 and if we had played decently against Houston we'd be 3-1. So my thinking is that we need more time!

Geno Varela from Midlothian, Va.: Too many of the Raiders flaws point directly at poor coaching and/or lack of leadership. I see there biggest weakness as lack of accountability. As the Head Coach, he is at the top of the accountability list. As tired as I am of changing coaches, I am more tired of losing. Cable will have to pay the ultimate price but I hope it does not happen until after the season. There's no way Hue Jackson is ready to be HC as he's not yet become a decent OC.Time for Mr. Davis to open up the vault and bring back Gruden and a competent GM...after the season ends and we hopefully win more than 5 games.

Brian R. from Linden, NJ: In response to Tom Cable being on the hot seat.I think the last thing Al Davis should do is get rid of Cable.The team plays hard for Cable & despite thier current record the team is actually starting to look more like well a team.The Raiders need Stability on the Head coaching end and Cable provides just that!

Paul Durant from Denver: Regarding Tom Cable. I am a California guy, long time Raider fan transplanted to Denver.It is impossible to know what Al Davis is thinking but I do not think Tom Cable should be on the Hot Seat. The players respect him, play hard for him, and are a much improved team despite their record. They are overmatched physically at the line of scrimmage and do not yet know HOW to win consistently. The trenches are where the game is won or lost and the Raiders have to find a way to out scheme opponents despite inferior strength and talent on both sides of the ball.Al Davis is going to do what Al Davis wants to do, but changing Tom Cable will not help and possibly set the organization back for another time. Like all aspects of life or business, there is something to be said for consistency and continued improvement. I see improvement and with some consistency, a steady coaching staff, schemes, and improved talent in the years to come, the Raiders will be an improved team that learns how to win the close games like the loss in AZ. In Tom I trust.....

RaiderAdrian from Kansas City: Get Rid of him now. He tries to act like he knows what he is doing but he has a terrible record as a Head coach. Its not like we are gonna get better long term with him and why not give Hue a chance to see if he can do any better now, if not we will search for a good coach in the off season.. and if AL has to overpay for one so be it!

Jstor from New Mexico: I definitely don't think that Tom Cable should be fired. I think he should be allowed to play out the season and watch the Raiders go 4-12 once more. But then again, I'm a diehard New England Patriots fan and I'm just thinking about that 1st round pick of Oakland's. I'll basically vote for anything that results in a lot of Raider losses. Right now I think that keeping Cable on board is the best way to accomplish that goal.

Mike from San Jose: I don't think Tom Cable should be on the hot seat. He is doing the best with the hand he was dealt. Yes he is expertise is the O-line but he does not call the plays. Run DMC is the 3rd leading rusher in the lead so the line should be given credit where credit is due. When it comes to pass protection it is what it is. Why isn't anyone calling for Hue Jacksons head? Why isn't the OC calling for more roll outs to get Bruce G outside the pocket? Look what the Texans were doing with Schaub in the game roll out after roll out after roll out! It was VERY effective. Tom Cable should NOT be on the hot seat. He hasn't lost the respect of the players yet. I dont believe in moral victories or the woulda shoulda couldas but the raiders in my mind should be 3-1. But at the end of the day the position the raiders are in you couldn't ask for anything else. They are definitely in the think of things in the AFC West.

Abdullah from San Diego:I think Cable's in the hot seat if the red hot Chargers destroy my Raiders. If it's another competitive loss I think the seat will be warming up a bit. Out of the 32 games he's coached, 12 have been losses by more than 17 points. That means he wasn't able to minimally prepare a team 12 times in 32 games. Given, the offense looks better but the defense that was supposed to be improved is struggling mightily. We know Mr. Davis thinks it's a coaches job to put great players in a position to succeed so I'm sure he's asking why players ranging from good (Lamarr Houston, Trevor Scott, Rolondo McClain) to great (Nnamdi, Seymour) aren't dominating opponents.

Autumn from Cedar Falls, Iowa: Cable should be on the hot seat. Cable was suppose to be such an o-line guru, so what happened? Is it the talent? Is it him? The raiders have not had a winning season since Barrett Robinns walked out in the superbowl. We have had many QB's since then and all have failed...why? Because the o-line has never been addressed or the same since that superbowl. The raiders can have whomever they want behind this oline, and will not be sucessful until its fixed. It starts in the trenches, and that inclides both sides of the ball.