Another new GM-coach tandem in AFC West

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

For the second time in less than a week, a team in the AFC West has embarked on a new general manager-coach tandem to begin a new era.

Kansas City's way was more traditional, while Denver joined the fray unexpectedly Thursday. The team promoted Brian Xanders to general manager and fired executives Jim and Jeff Goodman, who are father and son. Xanders, 37, will now work with new coach Josh McDaniels, 32, to begin the post Mike Shanahan era.

Last week, new general manager Scott Pioli (who was hired in January) hired Arizona offensive coordinator Todd Haley as coach.

Like Pioli and Haley, Xanders and McDaniels will forever be connected, and their success in Denver will be connected to one another. Both Xanders and McDaniels are entering their first season in their new role in the NFL.

Usually, like in Pioli's case, a new general manager gets to pick his coach. Xanders was simply part of the McDaniels hiring committee and had no idea he'd be promoted a month after McDaniels' hiring.

Under Shanahan, the Broncos were mostly a committee of one. Whatever Shanahan said was the law and whatever he wanted he got.