Around the AFC West

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson


Here's another reason why the Mike Shanahan-Pat Bowlen working relationship dissolved.

My take: Shanahan probably was taken aback when Bowlen said no go to a new facility (the Broncos' facility is fine and doesn't need to be replaced, by the way). Shanahan usually got everything he wanted. But don't be fooled. Shanahan wasn't fired because of a disagreement on a building. It was Shanahan's poor record the last few years that got him canned. Had Shanahan not blown a three-game lead with three games to go, he'd still be in Denver. That's the bottom line.

Kansas City

The Chiefs are working in secrecy under the new regime.

My take: Owner Clark Hunt was very quiet in his general manager search that ended with the hiring of Scott Pioli. It was a perfect pair because Pioli comes from the New England school of operations where nothing is said. The search that ended in Todd Haley becoming head coach was quiet and the search for assistant coaches was quiet. That's the way it is going to be in Kansas City now. That's fine as long as they win. The Chiefs will look silly if they take themselves too seriously and can't win. The Patriots get away with their CIA-like operation because they win. Now the Chiefs have to the same thing if they are going to continue in this way.


Al Davis reportedly wanted Utah coach Kyle Whittingham to coach his defense.

My take: This is another example of the shrewd man Davis can be. Remember folks, rip Davis for his antics all you like, but he is a hall of famer and he still has some good football thoughts in him. Whittingham is a good young talent and Davis always has his eyes open for young coaches, if this report is true, though, Davis' mistake was to try to get Whittingham to be the defensive coordinator. If he really wanted him, Davis should have offered Whittingham the head coach job. After all, the leader of the Utes is much more accomplished than previous Raiders' coach Lane Kiffin was when Davis hired him.