AFC West mailbag

Mid-week mail call:

Lukas from Santa Cruz wants to know if I think Norv Turner’s job will be in jeopardy in San Diego.

Bill Williamson: I really don’t see Turner being fired after this season. The Chargers have had a lot of injuries and the Chargers’ brass believed in Turner. While he does have to find a way to start better, I see Turner being back in San Diego in 2011.

GP from Pittsburg, Calif., wants to know If I agree with him that Darrius Heyward-Bey may be a better fit for Oakland than San Francisco’s Michael Crabtree. Heyward-Bey was taken three picks ahead of Crabtree in the 2009 draft.

BW: I’ve heard the talk that Oakland took Heyward-Bey at No. 7 instead of Crabtree because he was a speedster and Crabtree was similar to Oakland’s Chaz Schilens. Hey, I love Schilens’ potential but he was a seventh-round pick who hasn’t stayed healthy. If you have a chance to take Crabtree you take him. Yes, he may have diva tendencies, but he’s a polished receiver who would help Oakland more than Heyward-Bey has shown he is capable of doing at this point.

Olaus Linn from Fort Collins, Colo., wants to know if it’s time to start saying that the Chargers are no longer an elite team.

BW: I have believed in San Diego because its offense and defense has been so good. But the losses are piling up because the miscues are continuing. Any team that is 0-4 on the road and continues to be sloppy can’t be considered elite. San Diego has a chance to get right because it is so talented, but there are clear problems right now.